Killer Whales TV Show For Web 3 Projects

Killer Whales TV Show For Web 3 Projects

CoinMarketCap, owned by Binance, announced the launch of a TV program called Killer Whales, similar to the famous Shark Tank program, with the aim of giving entrepreneurs and ideas related to Web3 technologies and digital currencies the opportunity to obtain financing for their projects.

The Shark Tank program is one of the most popular entrepreneurship-related television programs in the world, and it is the program that is shown by the American ABC network and there are many local versions of it, including an Egyptian version that appeared during the past year 2022, and the idea of ​​the program revolves around presenting a group of innovators and pioneers Businesses and owners of ideas present their idea to a committee of famous investors and successful businessmen, so that the committee evaluates the feasibility of the idea or project and determines its value, and they choose to submit an offer for investment or withdrawal.

Killer Whales gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to get financing for their cryptocurrency projects :

The new TV program comes from CoinMarketCap in partnership with Hello Labs entertainment company that specializes in Web3 projects, with entrepreneurs also presenting their idea to a jury of investors called the Killer Whale or killer whale, a committee that includes a group of prominent entrepreneurs, influencers and founders. web3 projects and companies.

The term crypto whale refers to a person or entity that owns a large amount of digital currencies, which gives them the ability to influence the market or the price of these digital currencies.

Entrepreneurs and owners of ideas related to digital currency projects or Web3 can submit their applications to present their ideas in the new Killer Whales program, starting today, May 2, 2022, via Hello Labs or CoinMarketCap, provided that the selected people undergo a series of interviews in Hollywood and film the program at the same time. Later than June 2023.

The goal of the new program is to open the door to the next billion users of Web3 projects by entertaining and educating them about all things cryptocurrency, Hello Labs CEO Sander Gortjes said in a statement.