Bing Image Creator with AI

Bing Image Creator with AI

Microsoft has launched a new tool based on artificial intelligence techniques called Bing Image Creator to generate or create images with texts, and it is a tool that relies on an advanced version of the DALLE artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI, which develops the GBT chatbot that Microsoft uses in New Bing search Bing Chat

What is Bing Image Creator ?

The new tool from Microsoft, Bing Image Creator, allows users, whether users of the new Bing search with artificial intelligence technologies, Bing Chat, or the Edge browser, to create images of various types using texts. All the user has to do is describe the image in simple words or even keywords to obtain creative images that match the description and alternatives. she has.

How do you use the Bing Image Creator in Bing ?

Microsoft said that the new tool for creating images directly through text, Bing Image Creator, is integrated into the new Bing Chat search experience, which is enhanced with artificial intelligence technologies, so that users can request the creation of an image directly through chatting with Bing or through the same feature built into the sidebar in the browser. Microsoft Edge, users only have to choose the creative mode in Bing Chat, then write a description of any image they want to produce and wait to obtain multiple copies of it, which is the image that comes in high quality and can be downloaded or shared, with the ability to request its modification to become more realistic or from a different perspective or to add more details.

ما هي أداة Bing Image Creator

Microsoft said that it will also provide users with access to the Bing Image Creator directly through its Microsoft Edge browser, so that it is available as an icon in the sidebar. Once clicked, the user can write a description of any image he wants to create and wait for the results.

While Microsoft provides access to its new tool for converting texts into images, Bing Image Creator, directly through the web, including through the Google Chrome browser, the use of the tool directly is limited compared to its use directly through chatting with Bing Chat, as obtaining images From texts through Bing Chat is faster and supports the Arabic language, unlike using the tool directly that only supports English.