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What Is ChatGPT Use And Benefit From It

What Is ChatGPT Use And Benefit From It

What is ChatGPT? How do you use it? How do you benefit from it?

The artificial intelligence model ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has recently sparked a wide-ranging debate due to its amazing capabilities in holding conversations and responding to inquiries in a natural language manner. In addition to its ability to write code and solve programming problems, it can also write short scenarios, summarize video clips, and even compose songs and music, among other things.

What is ChatGPT?

OpenAI, a company that aims to search and discover the best ways to take advantage of AI technologies and avoid potential risks, said that ChatGPT that it is developing is a language model for artificial intelligence, which is the model capable of interacting with users through conversation, including answering even complex questions.

The ChatGPT language model is based on the GPT-3.5 model that OpenAI has been developing for years, but with its training to provide the ability to conduct conversations or provide answers through conversation, as the GPT-3 artificial intelligence model relies on analyzing and producing texts simply by obtaining a series of Words or a short description Similar to text-to-image forms, ChatGPT interacts with users’ inquiries in a more human-like manner, and the results show that the form is able to conduct the conversation smoothly and in a natural way.

OpenAI stated that it developed the chatbot or the artificial intelligence model on which ChatGPT relies, with the help of human trainers, to classify and evaluate the responses to the queries provided by the early versions, and then re-enter the answers after correcting and evaluating them so that the model is able to improve its answers to suit the preferences of the trainers or the personal preferences of users.

How do you benefit from ChatGPT? uses

And while the ChatGPT artificial intelligence model from OpenAI can be relied upon to obtain answers to questions, including difficult ones, similar to the Google Assistant or the Apple Siri voice assistant in iPhone phones such as the iPhone 14 Pro and others, but the model has greater capabilities that make it Able to help users in many situations such as:

  • Debugging, writing and explaining debug code to help programmers, one of the examples offered by OpenAI to demonstrate the capabilities of the model, by chatting directly and sending the code or code.
  • Assistance in writing or creating a CV, the user only has to request: “Write a CV for a programmer job with specific experience.” ChatGPT can also request assistance in modifying the CV.
  • Content creation: including writing creative texts, composing songs, writing scenarios for video clips, etc., which also allows content producers to get a better version of their texts in terms of style or practice writing scripts and creative content.

Create creative images from text. OpenAI develops an advanced artificial intelligence model capable of converting text into DALLE-2 images.

  • Compose creative jokes: It is also possible to rely on the artificial intelligence model, GBT Chat, to request a joke on a topic, for example: when asking to make a joke about Apple not launching an iPhone with a foldable screen similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, he replied With the joke: “Why hasn’t Apple made any foldable smartphones yet? Because they can’t figure out how to fold their prices!”
  • Explain complex topics simply.
  • Solve mathematical equations step by step.
  • Get tips about romantic relationships.
  • Unlike Google Translate, the ChatGPT AI model provides content creation in multiple languages at the same time, which allows content creators and marketers to write content targeting speakers of different languages in the best possible way.
  • Assistance in preparing for job interviews or employment interviews.
  • Write rich articles on almost any topic.
  • Summing up scientific papers or research.
  • ChatGPT is a perfect chatting companion unlike other chatbots or bots that were providing chatting by default based on AI.
  • Guidance for losing weight or getting guidance to help lose weight.
  • But users can discover more ways to take advantage of the capabilities of ChatGpt’s artificial intelligence model, as some have said it is able to summarize videos from YouTube.

How do you use ChatGPT?

The ChatGPT model is now available for testing on the web through the OpenAI website, the user only has to access the company’s website and then click on TRY ChatGPT, but access to the service, website or advanced AI model is limited to some countries so far.

Is ChatGPT available?
While OpenAI provides access to ChatGPT through the web, the company does not provide any applications related to the artificial intelligence model, nor has it announced any partnership with any other application or company that provides applications based on ChatGPT, so beware of installing any applications that claim this.

Does Chat GPT support Arabic?
According to the experiences of some users, the ChatGPT model is able to process the Arabic language, but with limited capabilities so far compared to the English language.

Does the ChatGPT AI model always provide correct answers?
While the ChatGPT chatbot based on AI technologies provides answers that are very accurate to an incredible degree, it is important to verify all the information it provides before using it, and precaution that the information it provides is not used to make critical health or financial decisions without thorough verification.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, said it’s a mistake to rely on ChatGPT for anything significant right now, as it’s still in the preview stage and the company still has a lot of work to do to validate the reliability.

What is the difference between ChatGPT and Google Search?
Google search provides answers to user inquiries based on searching intelligently within the content or websites on the Internet, which means that the user is always able to check the search results, with Google constantly developing algorithms to combat misleading or unwanted content, while Chatgpt provides faster and more results Intelligence mimics the way humans respond, but verifying results may require more effort.

Chatgpt helps programmers save time and effort:

Programmers or those who wish to learn programming can also rely on Chatgpt to save time and effort, due to its great capabilities based on AI techniques, through many methods, most notably:

  • Interpretation of the code: All the user has to do is copy the code and ask for its interpretation or clarification of its function.
  • Code improvement: GPT Chat can also be used to request * suggestions for code improvement.
  • Rewrite the code using the correct style.
  • Simplifying code: by suggesting alternative, more efficient code.
  • Suggesting the best tools or methods to implement a software function.
  • Code translation: so that the GPT chat model can convert or compile * code from one programming language to another, for example rendering JavaScript code and converting it to Python.
  • Tracking software gaps or defects: All the programmer has to do is provide code and ask chatGPT to audit the code and find gaps or bugs.

Useful ways to use ChatGPT:

Explain complex topics simply
It is one of the most prominent ways that can be used from the linguistic artificial intelligence model, ChatGPT, where it is possible to request an explanation of any of the complex topics or that the user does not know about in a simple way or in a way suitable for a child, the user only has to ask: “Explain to me (a subject, a quantum computer for example) as you would explain to a five-year-old”, or “Explain me quantum physics in certain simple points”, and when using the English language in which GBT chat is much more proficient, it is possible to rely on “Explain me ( topic) link i am in 5”.

Summarize long articles in bullet points
And if you do not have time to read many long articles that interest you, you can rely on GBT chat to get a summary or summary of it, all you need to do is request: “Summarize this article for me: (article link) at specific points or simply.” , or “Summarize me this article:(link)”, and Chatgpt displays a summary in Arabic also when requesting to summarize an article even if it is in another language such as English or any other language.

Correction of linguistic errors
The linguistic artificial intelligence model, ChatGBT, can also be relied upon as an alternative to language correction tools such as Grammerly. The user only has to copy and paste any text he wrote and ask to correct it or find errors, but the model works much better with English-language texts.

Suggest titles for articles or videos
And while Chatgpt can also be relied upon to suggest titles for articles or videos, such as a request: “The best suggested titles on (a topic)”, which is a feature that works efficiently with both the English and Arabic languages, it is better not to rely on the final titles it provides. And modify them according to the context or what suits each content.

Explain English grammar
And if you are in the stage of learning foreign languages such as the English language or need to explain the rules of the English language to your child or to one of the children, you can rely on GBT Chat for that, as he can explain the different rules of the English language and learn about the difference between using sentence conjunctions, for example, and others All you have to do is ask to explain a rule or to know the difference between using two words or two conjunctions such as When or While for example.

Similar recommendations for favorite movies and series
Users can also benefit from GBT Chat to obtain recommendations similar to favorite movies and series, by requesting suggestions to watch along the lines of a series or movie you prefer. If you prefer, for example, the Korean series The Squid Game, you can ask to suggest series similar to it. Chatgpt displays a complete list of suggestions or recommendations, with the ability to request more suggestions or ask about the service through which these series or movies can be watched.