Proacademy mobile App Platforms

Proacademy mobile App Platforms

Proacademy is a fully-featured solution for creating online education marketplaces or LMS websites that helps you to run your online education business most easily. Proacademy mobile application is a solution to make the online education business more accessible for instructors and students and grow your business sharply. Proacademy mobile app based on the Proacademy LMS core so all of the processes managed by the Proacademy LMS script that provides many features for online education businesses.

Makes the content more accessible:

Users feel better when using mobile applications because all things are in their pockets. All of the instructors and students can manage their accounts everywhere and enjoy easy learning and teaching.

Developed with React Native:

Proacademy mobile app developed with React Native that is one of the best-rated frameworks for developing mobile apps and is one of giant businesses choices like Airbnb, Instagram, Soundcloud, Wallmart, Skype, etc.

Built for Android & iOS:

Our mobile application developed for both Android and iOS operating systems so your business will be accessible for most users.

Suitable for instructors and students:

Students can manage the learning process and access courses and instructors can manage the teaching process so they can see course sales, support messages, financial statistics, etc.

Fully customizable:

You can integrate Proacademy mobile app with your business easily. You can change colors, language, images & graphics, icons & logos according to your business.

Clean design:

Proacademy designed for different business purposes so it is suitable for each online education business.

Easy to run:

Connecting the application to the Proacademy website is very easy and can be done without development knowledge.

Based on real business:

If you want to run an LMS business like Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, etc this is one of the best choices because provides many features for education businesses.

Multiple content support:

Proacademy is not only for video courses, but it also provides articles for users to enjoy learning from text-based content too.

Easy communications:

The mobile app makes the communications easier, students can get in touch with instructors
Notifications: You can easily send promotional notifications with firebase and grow your business.

Various payment gateways:

Application features:


Students can access and purchase courses easily in different categories.
Featured courses slider on the homepage.
Ability to download lessons to view offline.
Course comments

News & articles:

Users can read news and articles in the application.

Support system:

Ability to create support requests (Ticketing system)
Ability to communicate instructors and users for supported content

User & instructor profile:

User biography
Followers & course statistics
User courses
Achievement badges
User articles

Coming soon & requests:

Users can view coming soon and course requests in the different sections.

Instructor dashboard:

New sales indicator
Comments and support indicator
View uploaded courses with status
View course sales statistics
Financial summaries about income, payout, and sales
Income report
Account balance statistics
Charge account
Course support requests

Student dashboard:

View purchased courses
Financial summaries
Charge account
Support requests
Ability to become a vendor

General features:

Based on a real business
Powerful engine
Supports Android and iOS
6 months support
Clean design
Easy to customize