Multi Purpose Form Generator And Docusign

Multi Purpose Form Generator And Docusign

So, here it is “Multi-Purpose Form generator”, an Advance web application that provides an easy Drag & Drop interface to build simple as well as complex forms in matters of seconds.


The most painful and time-consuming task while designing a website is creating HTML Forms with many different types of input fields.

The form can be a Contact form, Registration form, Feedback form or any other form. Forms can have different types of input fields along with different validation types, error messages and further processing of the form when it is submitted.

Creating it manually every time you need a form is time-consuming and need technical knowledge.

So, here it is “Multi-Purpose Form generator”, an Advance web application that provides an easy Drag & Drop interface to build simple as well as complex forms in matters of seconds.

Multi-Purpose Form Generator & docusign (All types of forms) with SaaS - 1
Multi-Purpose Form Generator & docusign (All types of forms) with SaaS - 2
Multi-Purpose Form Generator & docusign (All types of forms) with SaaS - 3

Quick highlights:

  • Drag-n-Drop, Super easy and self-explanatory interface.
  • Easy sorting or ordering of fields
  • 10+ different fields type supported
  • 15+ different types of validation support with custom messages
  • 100+ Icons supported with input fields (Font Awesome)
  • Email notification system & Auto Email Reply 
  • Anti-Spam protection – enable reCaptcha to protect websites from Spam.
  • Ajax submit forms (submit forms without loading the page)
  • Option to redirect to Thank You Page
  • Fully responsive forms to fit the screen of all sizes
  • Create an unlimited number of forms
  • Full documentation and instant support. 
  • MySQL Database integration, save form details in the database 
  • Send Email using SMTP 
  • Allow File Upload, add uploaded files as attachments in Emails.
  • Hosted Online Forms
  • Multi-User or accounts support
  • Add Additional JS / CSS if needed for forms.
  • Option to Add / Edit / Delete a form.
  • Form preview option
  • Complete documentation
  • Form PDF generation

Drag-n-drop interface

  • Most Intuitive and Easy-to-use form builder
  • No more hand coding, just quick and easy drag-n-drop web-building.
  • Creating simple and complex forms is a snap

Live Preview

  • Form changes as you change from the configuration.
  • No need to refresh to preview

Form PDF generation

  • Generate beautiful PDF from submitted form data
  • Send filled form data as PDF attachment in email
  • Download form data as PDF

Bootstrap 4.X based forms

  • The most popular CSS framework bootstrap 4.X is used.
  • responsive – looks good in mobile/tablet/computer
  • Your forms will always look great on any desktop and mobile devices

Color & design Schemes

  • Change background color or use image
  • Change label, error message color.

Standard & Advance fields

  • Amazing options for HTML5 input fields.
  • Advance fields like Single/multiple File upload, DateTime picker, Rating, Range picker, Text editor,  and more.
  • Fields with prefix/Suffix icons
  • Label, placeholder, help text in fields.

Is required & Advance validation

  • mark fields as required
  • 10+ Advance validations like Email, Min length, Max length, Credit card, Phone no.
  • Live validation – Form validates fields as user types and shows the error message if an error occurs.
  • Define your own error message or use a pre-defined error.

Anti-Span Protection

  • Add most-trusted and powerful Google reCaptcha in one click. Stop spam from automated bots!

Hosted Online Forms

  • Easy sharing & embedding
  • Click the ‘Widget’ button and get a short HTML code snippet that you can send by email or embed to any web page
  • Instant notifications – Real-time updates by email about your online form activity
  • Collect attachments – If your form has File Upload, you can access anytime the files uploaded by your users
  • Full control – Manage all your hosted forms, see stats, view and export submissions

Email Notifications

  • Instant Email on new submissions.
  • Auto-Response on submission.
  • Configurable Email fields (TO/CC/BCC/Reply-To/Subject/Body)
  • Tags support in Subject/Body.

Multi-User or accounts support

  • Add unlimited user to the system
  • Users can create there own forms and use.
  • Or disable multiple user features, your choice.

Fully Configurable

  • Ajax based form submission or redirect to a different page on submission.
  • Submit text & Submitting text.
  • Success/Error message.

Supported fields types:

A wide range of fields are supported as listed below:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Password
  • Number
  • Phone, phone us
  • Url
  • Credit card number
  • Input range
  • Textarea
  • Dropdown (select & Multi-Select)
  • Radio button
  • Checkbox
  • Terms and conditions
  • Heading and paragraph
  • Calendar / DatePicker
  • File / Image uploader
  • Single or multiple files and images upload
  • Rating field
  • Switch for ON/OFF or True/False responses

Calendar / DatePicker:

  • Fully custom date format
  • Custom start and end date
  • 60+ different languages supported
  • Disable days in a calendar

Heading & Paragraph:

  • Select from H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 or paragraph tags.
  • Select any color using color picker
  • Custom specify the value

Terms & Conditions:

  • Customize the Terms & Conditions label
  • Add links for terms & cond.
  • Require validation
  • Custom error message