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Earning From Google Adsense

Earning From Google Adsense

Profit from Google Adsense for beginners, from creating a Google AdSense account to the best ways to earn money from Google ads within the explanations of profit from the Internet. He explains the most important ways to earn money from the Internet quickly, and here we complete this and explain Google Adsense, a clear and explicit explanation with pictures and videos as well, God willing. We also show you the best ways to help you work with Adsense and profit through it. And making profits through it is a myth or something that is not real until this time, but we assure you that you can achieve a lot of profits, amounting to thousands of dollars per month through Adsense. There are those who make millions of pounds and are not geniuses as some believe to the extent that makes you unable to catch them.

Earning from Google Adsense for beginners :
If you are a beginner in this world, do not think that you have arrived late, as profit from the Internet is one of the most important ways to get rich and achieve wealth in a very short time and at an awesome speed and is still new and joins the ideas of new and innovative projects for sure, but you must know the right way to start and you must That you have what you offer to others so that you can start at a steady pace towards achieving successes and with serious striving and God’s grace, you will be able to achieve successes one by one. And if something is not clear, just ask us in the comments and we will answer you, God willing, as quickly as possible.

What is Google AdSense :
At first, I would like to tell you what the Google Adsense program is if you are a beginner and do not know it. Google Adsense is a program that is one of the Google services that it provides to the world. It is a program to share advertising profits, as Google gets a lot of ads that it has to display on the Google search engine and Mail and some of its other services, such as those ads that you see on TV channels completely, which are of course paid ads, and that is through its Google Ads program, which was called in the past (Google AdWords), and because the ads are too many, Google will not be able to display them alone through the Google search engine. Ads with other publishers from website owners, blogs and YouTube channel owners at the present time, and the profit sharing system is for Google to get a 32% share of the profits, and the publisher gets 68% of the profits for content ads. As for search ads, which is a code placement A custom search engine on your site will be 51% for the publisher and 49% for Google.

How to earn from Google Adsense :
In order to start profiting from Google Adsense always, you must have what you offer, then you have to adhere to the policy of the Adsense program from Google, then you have a way to display ads through it.

  • To have exclusive good content to offer.
  • The content you provide to it should be an audience that seeks it and seeks to reach it.
  • That you can achieve legitimate visitors to view the content.
  • Have a commitment that complies with the Google Adsense policy.
  • To have a way to display content and display ads.
    To sign up for the Adsense program.
    After the registration is done, you wait for your AdSense account to be accepted, so that you can then display ads and make profits.

The best ways to earn from Adsense for beginners :
There are many ways to make profits through the Google Adsense program, including methods that require experience and other methods that do not need any experience, and there are also free methods and other methods that require an amount, even if it is simple in the beginning, and these methods are as follows:

You have to have a website that is compatible with the AdSense policy, and you apply for Adsense through it.
To have a free WordPress or Blogger blog, and we have previously explained how you can create a Blogger blog and profit from it easily.
To have a YouTube channel that offers good and meaningful content and meets the conditions for monetization, and you sign up for AdSense through it.
To have an Adsense account and use it to profit with other profit-sharing sites.
Profit from Google Adsense without a website :
If you want to profit from Google Adsense and you do not have a website, you can take one of the free ways to own a site, which are as follows:

Create a website or blog on one of the free platforms that provide free website creation (such as WordPress, Blogger, and other platforms).
You work on YouTube, and we have provided an explanation explaining how to profit from YouTube by creating a YouTube channel and working on it.
To work with sites that allow profit sharing, such as sites that share profits in exchange for writing articles.

Create a Google or Gmail account :
In order to be able to register a Google Adsense account, you must initially have a Google account or a Gmail account from the ground up to register through it, which enables you to benefit from all Google services, whether free or paid, and here is how to create an account on Google in steps.

  1. Log in to the Google website and click on login at the top of the site and then choose to create an account or click here.
  2. Then you fill in the required data on the page, which is the first name and then the last name, and you are allowed to write it in Arabic or English and write your mail name in English only and make sure that it is available and finally in the last two fields you write a strong password of no less than 8 Arabic letters, numbers and symbols English and then click on Next as the following image shows.
  3. After that comes the role of completing the data, which is the data designated to protect your Google account, which will help you retrieve your account in the event that the password is forgotten or lost, God forbid. Therefore, I advise you to put correct data, which is the phone number and email address if you have another email You know its data, you can use it to secure your account, and then the date of birth, and as I advised you exactly, write it correctly so that you will be constantly remembered, and then choose the gender (male or female) and then click on the next as the following picture shows exactly.
  4. After that, if you put a phone number, you will be asked to prove the ownership of the phone, by sending a message with a verification code consisting of 6 numbers or letters, and as soon as you press send, you will receive the message as shown in the following image.
  5. Once you click on Send and the message reaches you, you will be taken to the verification page with the field designated to put the code in it, then you will click on Confirm as the following image shows.
  6. After that, you will have to agree to the privacy and terms, which are the terms of Google services, and this is what the following image shows.
  7. After that, your account becomes eligible to benefit from all services, the first of which is the Gmail service, which you can access through the following link Gmail.com.

Earning from Adsense through Facebook :
The secret of profit from the Google Adsense program through Facebook is for those who do not know how to create appropriate content that helps them to bring visitors to their sites through the Google search engine. Facebook, whether in large groups or giant Facebook pages, or by promoting their posts on Facebook with paid advertising plans, and this helps them to bring visitors to view their site pages and thus achieve views on ads and profit, but I do not advise beginners in this way for several reasons, which are as follows:

Disadvantages of profiting from paid or free ads on Facebook :
It may cost more in paid ads and make less money as profits.
It cannot be all visitors from Facebook only, you will need to have organic visitors from the search engine.
You must have great knowledge and experience in Adsense arbitrage in order to be able to achieve profits and we may talk about that, God willing, in the future.
If you are a beginner and use the method with new accounts on sites that do not have visitors, your account may be permanently closed.

Average profit from google adsense :
The truth is that the average earning of money from Google Adsense depends on a number of factors that control the profits in general, which are as follows:
The target country: from which the visits come. For example, the average price per click from Egypt is only 3 cents per click on the advertisement, and the situation is almost the same for the rest of the Arab countries, with the exception of some countries where the click price may reach 5 or 6 cents, but from foreign countries the situation is much better.
Type of content: The content controls the click price according to the niche you choose to work with. The click price in technical and software content is different from education and cars. You can learn about this by searching for the best content in terms of click price and return on every thousand ad impressions.
Distribution of advertisements on the site: Of course, the appearance of advertisements and their distribution well on the site helps to increase profits whenever they are distributed better, and vice versa.
Source of visitors: The organic visitors who reach your site through the search engine and by natural methods, your profits through them are much greater than the visitors who are brought in through advertisements or promotion, so we talked about this as one of the disadvantages for beginners to work on Adsense Arbitrage.
Site speed: The speed of the site definitely affects the profits. The speed of the site means the speed of displaying ads, thus increasing the likelihood that the profits will be more with the display of a greater number of ads.

Google adsense ads price :
As for the general average, the prices of clicks in the Arab countries are between 3 cents to 10 cents per click, according to the factors mentioned in the previous point, and for the return on each thousand impressions, it ranges between 20 cents to 3 dollars as a maximum in the Arab countries for each thousand ad impressions in total. The return per thousand impressions depends on the number of clicks and vice versa.

How to sign up for Google Adsense :
Registration in Adsense does not differ in all cases with respect to following the terms of the program, but in the past there were types of hosted accounts that are on free domains such as Blogger or YouTube, but at the present time all accounts are reviewing any site to accept it, even YouTube channels have certain conditions To be accepted into Adsense