Dekho Domain WHOIS And DNS Lookup

Dekho Domain WHOIS and DNS Lookup PHP Script

WHOIS Lookup is a fully-featured PHP script that has the ability to lookup the WHOIS information of any website. The WHOIS Information is presented in a clean, formatted manner rather than raw WHOIS data. The theme has essential features like Pages, ReCaptcha Support, Banner and Pop Ads Support and much more. Completing Theming Support, Easy Modification & Installation makes this script maintainable by anyone. Caching is utilized to make the user-experience better, AJAX based WHOIS Fetching, Favicon and Image Fetching are also available. The script has been developed in CodeIgniter 3, Bootstrap 4.5 and jQuery with a completely responsive design that looks good on any device.


Dekho is a PHP script using which anyone can easily built a WHOIS and DNS lookup website. The script is super-ready for ad monetization and domain-hosting affiliate system. You can easily place ads on different pages. The script is super controllable and you can manage almost everything from the admin dashboard. You can place SEO meta information in all of the pages of the script.


Domain WHOIS Lookup

  • 654+ TLD supported for WHOIS lookup
  • WHOIS data is collected from the original WHOIS Servers of the respective TLD. (e.g. WHOIS of a .ME domain is collected directly from the authority website assigned for .ME extension)
  • No third party API required. You don’t need rely on any other website API, not even us.
  • No limit for search query
  • Show multiple affiliate link (with registrar logo) if the input domain is available to buy
  • Options to choose which WHOIS data you want show
  • Custom message system for New, Newer and old domain (Search in the demo and see in the sidebar)
  • Custom message for the domains with less validity, moderate validity and longer validity (Search in the demo and see in the sidebar)
  • Custom message for expired domains
  • Cache system: enable/disable caching, set cache time, allow/disallow visitor to refresh the cached WHOIS data
  • Options to add/enable/disable Welcome content in the search page and in the search result page
  • Options to enable/disable showing recently checked domains
  • Emails are converted to image to prevent direct copying.

DNS Records Lookup

  • Check DNS records of a domain
  • Uses Google Public DNS API
  • All types of records are shown with all data
  • Options to enable/disable showing recently checked domains

Script features

  • Download recently searched domains as CSV
  • SEO ready (sitemap, robots.txt)
  • Ad ready (all pages)
  • Affiliate ready
  • Full customization through admin dashboard
  • Unlimited generic pages (About us, Privacy policy, etc.)
  • Built-in contact form
  • Domain blocking system
  • Multiple admin account
  • Social sharing options
  • Social profile links
  • 900+ Google fonts
  • Maintenance mode
  • Custom 404 page
  • Custom codes (CSS, JS, Google Analytics tracking code)
  • Many more