Backuply Pro WordPress Plugin

Backuply Pro Wordpress Plugin

Hacking, Server Crashes, Dodgy Updates Or Simple User Error Can Ruin Your WordPress Site. Secure Cloud Backups, One-Click Restore, Easy Migrations


Our Features

Automatic Backup

An easy to use interface to backup their your website and database. Just enter your FTP, SFTP or RSYNC details and backups will start automatically.

One-Click Restore

Recreate your website files and databases with one-click restore. Choose from up to 30 backup versions for easy recovery..

One-Click Download

Lost your local copy of data file? Don’t worry. Our one-click download feature lets you access your backup anytime and anywhere.

Why Backuply ?

Comes With Cloud Storage Options

Backuply comes with many cloud storage options like gdrive, One Drive, Dropbox, AWS S3 and many more

No Technical Knowledge Needed

Automated workflows that ensure everything you need is only a click away.

Successful Backups Every Time

When your site crashes, our multiple off-site backups have your back.

Response Within 24 Hours

An agile & responsive Customer Support that caters to Everyone Equally.