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AI Writer v5.0.0 Content Generator

AI Writer v5.0.0 Content Generator

AI Writer is a plugin for 66biolinks. It is used to help people generate content with ease with the help of AI technology.



AI Chat bot

AI Images generator

AI Speech to Text converter

30 AI Generators

  • AI Text summarization
  • Explain like I am 5
  • Text randomizer/spinner
  • Keywords generator/extractor
  • Grammar fixer/checker
  • Social media bio generator
  • Web pages SEO Title generator
  • Web pages SEO Description generator
  • Web pages SEO Keywords generator
  • Blog Article Idea & Outline generator
  • Blog Article Section generator
  • Video idea generator
  • Video title generator
  • Video description generator
  • Ad title generator
  • Ad description generator
  • Text to emojis
  • Tweet generator
  • Instagram caption generator
  • Product name generator
  • Startup idea generator
  • Viral idea generator
  • and more…

CUSTOM TEMPLATES – Fully custom templates & categories, manageable from the admin panel.

ANTI NSFW – Checks the user input for NSFW text, violence, hate…etc to avoid getting your OpenAI API key banned.

CONFIGURE AI MODELS – Can be set on a per-plan basis, via the admin panel.

The whole implementation is properly integrated with 66biolinks, containing data filters, data export, admin panel statistics, admin panel settings, admin panel management for all the data and so on…


You must own a legal copy of 66biolinks, have it installed and properly running on the latest released version.

You must also have an account on OpenAI and a working API key.


Read the documentation