YUMI program to install Windows from a flash memory

Download YUMI program to install Windows from a flash memory

YUMI program to install Windows from a flash memory
Download YUMI program to install Windows from a flash memory

YUMI is a portable program that works as a USB bot for different operating systems, including Windows operating systems, as it is a MultibootISO program that makes any ISO file bootable. An example of this is that you can, through YUMI, create a bot for Windows operating systems and Linux systems with different Linux operating system distributions and make A bot for anti-virus programs, scanning programs and copying tools, it is a free program called YUMI, short for the word (Your Universal Multiboot Installer), and it has become popular with many users due to its ease in working the flash memory bot and its multiple options and capabilities, so you can install Windows from a flash memory via a USB port With super ease, the YUMI program enables you to make any bootable flash for free.
YUMI has become one of the indispensable programs, as it has become a pioneer in the field of flash memory multi-boot from the USB port and has become a popular program because it is comprehensive, easy to handle and free, and any computer user can install the Windows operating system or various Linux distributions from the flash quite easily. Another program that does the same job is WinToFlash that you can try as well.

YUMI program features and capabilities
YUMI is a portable program that does not need to be installed on a computer.
The program is free and complete and does not require any activation or registration. It is also open source and any software developer can modify and develop it, which is one of the strong features of the program.
The program is light in size and does not require high operating specifications for the computer and does not take up a large area of ​​the device's resources.
YUMI software has an easy and simple interface and does not require much previous experience to work with it smoothly.
YUMI program makes it easy for you to create a Bootable ISO format CD on a flash memory and boot it by pushing from the USB port with the click of a button and in a short time.
Your Universal Multiboot Installer, or what is called YUMI for short, supports all operating systems and makes it a flash memory bot, such as all Windows operating systems and all Linux operating system distributions, as well as system maintenance programs, protection programs, scanning programs, hard disk maintenance, and other important programs, tools, and CDs that you want. Entering it from the stomping window.

YUMI Legacy Multiboot USB Creator