work on internet to earn money

work on internet to earn money

work on internet to earn money
work on internet to earn money

1- Profit from the Internet through a profit blog:
Since many people are pessimistic about a profit from the Internet and prefer the term business on the Internet, we will also describe what we do with the other description that people like because this is the true logic of the word “profit”, but it was called this term because the profits that come from “internet projects” Or "online work", as some call it, is a myth and doubles what you get from projects and real works, so the word "work" was replaced by the word "profit".

If you are looking for a job during the quarantine period, the time of epidemics and viruses that terrified the whole world.

But before we start together, you and I, dear reader, roam the orchard making money!

Let me make some notes for you to point out and emphasize some of the things that interest me and you in this article,

This is so that you can learn how to profit from the Internet for beginners in an easy and guaranteed way

This article serves as the beginning of the thread or path to your profitable career; But if you are only serious about this and really want to profit from the Internet, you will work for it with perseverance and will have some patience until you can earn the first dollars from your passion.
We do not intend to profit, market or promote any company or website in this article.
 I created a profit blog to help you first, and then for those who are unemployed and wish to earn money from the Internet and create a real and permanent project with which they reach financial freedom and career independence.
This article is a bit long, but it is a valuable treasure for you as a beginner, as it contains many methods, ideas, sites and companies that will really change your life.
 I advise you to read the entire article until the end to be able to determine your destination well and prepare a paper and a pen to write down the steps and information that you see useful for you and will follow it.
Save the links to the sites that we will be dealing with in your notebook or mobile phone, or you can save the link to this article in the memo so that you can return to everything you need whenever you want.

2- Earn money from the Internet by blogging (for beginners):
Earning money online for free is easy today.

Where you can create and develop a project and profit from the Internet without capital.

And earning money through it in the beginning is estimated at 50 dollars to 100 dollars only in the first months, depending on the number of your visitors and articles,

And the fact that your site is modern, it will not have a large visitor rate in Google, just be patient a little for a few months and you will see the real profits with your own eyes.

 And make sure that after a year or several years, you will be able to make money easily and make a very large profit, and these profits will gradually increase day by day by increasing visitors until your monthly income reaches $1,000, or even thousands of dollars at that time.

 Do not be surprised by these numbers, as Internet projects increase their profits significantly if they are constantly worked on, and you will see that for yourself if you decide to work on a project idea on the Internet from these ideas that we will list for you in this article.

3- Earn money from the Internet by writing content for others:
There are many people who make money from the Internet by blogging or writing articles, and in many ways, we will explain them now.

If you are a good content writer who is fluent in Standard Arabic and is fluent in the style of narration and dialogue, and dividing the article into elements, main, sub and secondary headings, paragraphs and steps.

You have a good experience in “SEO”, and SEO here means: “Search Engine Optimization” and its interpretation: The first search results are issued by search engines such as Google Chrome, Bing, Yahoo or Syndex.
There are those who request this service on Fiverr, Freelancer, and other sites if they are not good at it.
You will then be able to profit from this skill, which is currently desired by blogs and other sites, as many of their owners are looking for skilled bloggers who can write in Standard Arabic under the criteria and conditions of SEO, and they pay from $2 to $5 per article and the price varies according to the difference in the target keyword, its difficulty and the volume of competition for it. The number of words required to be written in one article, all of these criteria lead to the different prices of writing and blogging on websites and blogs.
4 - Profit from a Blogger blog (the best free way)
As I told you before, if you are good at blogging and writing, do not be a blog with anyone; You can even create a free blog and profit from it through the blogger or wordpress platform, and the profitability system for this field will be as follows:
Profit from blogger by creating your own blog.
You can profit from the blog by writing articles on it in a field you love.
To get double profits from your blog, you can specialize in one area.
Profitable areas: sports news, business and finance, education and courses.
A foreign site would be a good idea to profit from your blog or site.
5- Profit from selling advertising space on the blog
You can profit from selling advertising space on your website or blog if you have a large number of daily visits, high affinity and strong backlinks.
You will then sell advertising space to other sites and blogs, or to major companies and businessmen, by placing the link to their sites in an advertisement text or an image, and this is called an "ad banner".

It will be designed by advertisers where they will describe what they want to advertise and when you click on it, your visitors will be taken to their site.
Thus, the promotion process has been successfully completed by you and you will receive a fee for it that was determined based on the conclusion of a deal between you and the advertisers before.
6- Earn money from the Internet through Google ads
If you own a successful blog with exclusive content that is not copied from anyone and you have adhered to the terms and policies of Google AdSense,

 You can then submit your blog or site in the Google AdSense company after you get huge visits through the Google ads platform and start making profit at that time.

google adsense which is the best and largest advertising program in the world and pays good money for placing these ads on your blog;
However, this company has conditions and criteria that you must adhere to in order for your blog to be accepted. We will discuss them in detail shortly in the upcoming ways.

But now how can you profit from Google ads?
Google AdWords, as you know, is a company that displays ads on websites, search engines, applications, or YouTube through Google Adsense, which does this organization and arrangement.

If you have any commercial or educational activity and you want to gain great fame and after this you will start selling your product and making profit from the Internet, you have to carry out advertising campaigns funded through Google Ads, which is in Arabic Google Ads, and you will then get visits and profits like no other and you did not imagine before.

7 - Profit from placing affiliate links in your articles
When you write articles, whether on your blog or other people's blogs and sites, if you are a content writer, they have the ability to include affiliate links; If you are registered in one of the affiliate programs of a CPA company that allows you to profit from affiliate marketing.

When you mention this company or make an explanation about it and how to register with it or buy a product or service from it, you can then include your link for visitors to register or buy through you, and then you will earn your percentage and commission from the company, and we will discuss this area and mention many of the best international and Arab CPA companies after Little.
8 - Profit from Google Adsense:
Perhaps profiting from Google Adsense is the best way to profit from the Internet, as Google AdSense is the largest advertising company in the world and is affiliated with the well-known Google company that owns the largest and first search engine in the world.
In fact, millions of people earn from Adsense very rewarding amounts that may reach thousands of dollars per month; The more visits, the more your earnings.
Do you want to increase Google Adsense earnings?
In this case, you must attract a lot of visitors from the Google search engine directly by applying the following:
 You have to know what visitors need and what they are always looking for in Google and answer their questions in your articles.
You have to improve search engines and this term is called "seo" This word means search engine optimization to appear on the first page or first result in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.
You have to write good, useful and unique content and a smooth way of dialogue and information narration.

But in order to be accepted into Google Adsense, you must abide by the policies and terms of google adsenes in order to be able to display their ads on your site or blog, you must see them if you are a beginner.
From article No. 1 directly above and from the conditions that I will add to you now.. and from the two articles that I will include for you below these conditions as well.
At first, you should know that the response time to you when submitting your application and your site in Google Adsense ranges from one day to a week; Where the company will respond to you with a letter containing acceptance or rejection.
The period of activating your account to receive profits ranges from 3 months to 4 months only, after which you start receiving your profits through any withdrawal method you want, even a bank transfer, as it is eligible to withdraw your profits via Western Union transfer.
9- Profit from selling blogs after qualifying them for Adsense
This is a new and very easy way to profit from the Internet.

It is now used by many to earn money online for free: it is the creation of a Blogger blog and the application of Adsense admission requirements on the blog,

After that, display it for sale on social media sites and groups interested in this field on Facebook, for example, and Twitter hashtags.

You will find a good price, believe me, this great work.

These are the most important conditions for accepting the blog in Google Adsense and the conditions for accepting your site in Google Adsense so that you can sell it and profit from it:

Meaningful and useful content that forces visitors to stay on your site long enough.
"Exclusive" content that you wrote yourself and did not copy or transfer from other sites and blogs.
Intellectual property rights and copyrights such as content, images, videos, music and books.
Your content should not be objectionable and in violation of AdSense policies.
Avoid writing pornographic and offensive content on people and religions and incitement to murder and terrorism.
Your site is fast, elegant and quiet that does not disturb visitors and forces them to leave quickly.
To have a sufficient number of visitors, where the number of visits ranges from 500 to 1000 visits per day.
That your site be complete in terms of the number of articles and pages required in AdSense, such as: the privacy policy page, the agreement and terms of use page, about us, contact us.
These were the most important conditions in order to accept your blog or website in Google Adsense and start displaying ads and receive your profits after that, once the account is activated or sell your blog to others if you do not intend to activate the profit.

10- Profit from affiliate marketing
Affiliate affiliate: It is an abbreviated term for the meaning of affiliate marketing or e-marketing via the Internet.
This is a type of network marketing.

In short, it means marketing and promoting other people's products or their electronic content on the Internet via Internet and social networks such as: websites, and social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms and networks and social media, and the marketer (you) receives a commission as a result.
When does the marketer get his commission from the CPA company?
The marketing person gets his commission from any CPA company he is marketing to when the customer or buyer completes the sale.

The marketer will then have a commission or a specific financial percentage according to what this company stipulates on its website.

This marketing is done via the Internet, and the contract with the company is also done via the Internet, and registration is also done via the Internet.

 There is no need to go to any office of any company, only from your desktop computer or from your personal phone. You can register and see the terms of use and all that is necessary.

Then you will receive your profits while you are at home and from the nearest bank in your area that allows you to do so.
These two addresses show the best Arab and foreign cpa companies:
11 - Earn money from Arab CPA companies (the easiest way via the Internet)
There are many cpa companies that allow you to commission marketing, but to shorten the time and hardship on you, we have provided you with a list of the best Arab and foreign cpa companies. You just have to click on them and go to their websites directly.

Below is a list of the best guaranteed Arab and foreign CPA companies that have affiliate programs that allow Arabs to market with them on commission and get paid for each successful referral.

Here is a list of the best Arab CPA companies:
Amazon: It is the largest electronic buying and selling company in the world. Its owner is .... He has become the richest millionaire in the world and is currently available in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. To register in the Amazon affiliate program, enter from here, which was also currently bought by Amazon.. To register in the affiliate program, from here.
Jumia Company: To register for its affiliates jumia program from here.
Baytcom Partner Program: An Arabic site that allows you to profit from affiliate marketing.
The affiliate program from the traveler, affiliates almosafer en: It is an Arab program specialized in the field of travel, flight and hotel reservations, allowing you to market with it on commission.
Tajawal Partner Program: It is an Arab company that offers offers for airline travel reservations, trips, vacation packages and hotel reservations. To do this, it definitely needs promoters and marketers via the Internet and social networking sites.

12- Profit from foreign cpa companies:

Here we have also provided here a list of the best foreign cpa companies that allow you to profit from the Internet by marketing them with affiliate links
These are the best foreign cpa companies:
Rakuten Affiliate Marketing Company: You can visit the company's website from the link by clicking on its name.
ClickBank: Visit the company's affiliate program.
Commission Junction: abbreviated as JC. You can visit the company's marketing program.
eBay Company: You can visit the company's marketing program.
ShareASale: You can visit the company's marketing program.
13- Profit from Internet ads (best easy and guaranteed for beginners)
If you want to know how to profit from the Internet for beginners in an easy and secure way, we will recommend to you the method of "profiting from Internet ads", which is the best for that now, and to start profiting through the Internet, here is a detailed explanation of this method with easy and guaranteed steps:

Profit from placing other people's ads on a website.
Profit from placing Internet ads for Adsense on YouTube channel.
Profit from Google Adsense ads across websites.
Profit from placing ads on your Blogger blog (for beginners).
Profit from viewing websites honest ads on the Internet.
Profit from designing blogger templates that have easy ad banners.
Profit from creating ads for online stores to sell products on the Internet.
Profit from placing affiliate ads for honest and guaranteed cpa companies to profit from the Internet.
14 - Profit from buying and reselling domains online
You can also acquire this field to make profit from the Internet for beginners in an easy and secure way, which consists in buying and selling domains for websites and blogs.

The idea is: you will buy distinct domains that indicate a search word or keyword, for example.
And then you will resell it to other people for a very rewarding amount.
Such as arbah domain which means profits, or makemoney which means to earn money, or cora domain, corh which means kora, or ryadh domain and there are many examples,
Look for these domains that I mentioned to you on Godaddy, for example, and see their price. I think you will be shocked!!

And so in the rest of the domains, it will also work by targeting keywords and research that indicate Arabic pronunciation or an English word that indicates the site’s specialization. did you understand me? I really hope so...

I do not hide from you that there are many people nowadays practicing this field, and they get rewarding amounts from it and a very satisfactory profit return.
Try searching for premium domains on Godaddy or any website that sells domains and extensions, I bet you'll see fantastic prices for these domains.

You can buy a domain and resell it at Godaddy.
You can also do that at the namecheab company.

These are two companies specialized in selling domains and everything related to websites and blogs such as hosting and mail addresses.

Godaddy also allows you to create an integrated website from within its site.

Also, companies buying and selling domains allow you to market with them on commission for every purchase of domains that you get through your affiliate link, and you then get a financial commission as a result.
These companies also give you discount coupons or discount codes and offers for your customers to use when purchasing to earn more customers and more money.

15- Profit from buying and selling social media accounts
Did you know that you can trade in buying and selling social media accounts? ... or not ?

Many people, companies, organizations, and celebrities are looking for social media accounts that have many real followers.
In order to gain more fame and dominance on social media platforms.

If you are one of those who have a wide reputation on social media platforms and are active in social networking sites.

Then you will have many followers and you will be able to sell your accounts with a good number of followers easily.

For example, those accounts that reach 50 thousand followers or hundreds of thousands of followers, then you will sell them for a good and rewarding amount.

You can sell accounts on the following social networking sites:
Sell ​​verified Twitter accounts.
Buy and sell Instagram accounts.
Selling telegram channels.
Sell ​​Facebook Pages.
Sell ​​snapchat accounts.