Wise Memory Optimizer To Speed UP RAM

Wise Memory Optimizer To Speed UP RAM

Wise Memory Optimizer program to free up RAM memory and speed up computer performance, there are many programs that run in the background on your Windows operating system and most of these programs do not need to be used except from time to time, all of these programs consume RAM memory and make it full and thus your device becomes slow and boring in deal with it. The Wise Memory Optimizer program is a great way to free up and clean the RAM memory that programs on Windows consume without benefit, so the computer speed increases and returns to normal. The total and used memory from the RAM and the empty or remaining memory, and by pressing the (optimize) button, the program automatically works, and in less than half a minute, the program finishes its work, and you get a wonderful result from improving the functions of the device.

Wise Memory Optimizer features
Set the automatic optimization mode, when the RAM memory is full to the specified limit, the program automatically works to free up memory.
Wise Memory Optimizer works even when the CPU is idle.
You can set the amount of memory to be dumped for the program to exceed this amount, and the dump can also be set infinitely.

The program can work automatically in the background without opening the interface.
Wise Memory Optimizer works on the lowest capabilities of the computer’s RAM and processor, and finishes tasks quickly and with a high response rate.
A portable version of the program is also available that can be copied to the computer and run without installation.
The program is completely free with a very simple interface and is compatible with all versions of Windows.
You can choose to run the program automatically with the computer open without having to open it manually each time.

Finally, the Wise Memory Optimizer program is the simple solution to get rid of any burden on the RAM, which in turn affects all computer resources. It is the best, lightest and fastest addition to enjoying the full speed of the device and achieving maximum benefit.

Wise Memory Optimizer information
Official website: homepage
Version: Wise Memory Optimizer 4.1.8
Size: 5.7 MB
Compatible with: Windows XP – Windows 7 – Windows 8 – Windows 10
License: Freeware
Supports systems: (32-bit) / (64-bit)