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What is GPT-4 How Does It Work And Features

What is GPT-4 How Does It Work And Features

OpenAI announced the new GPT-4 GPT-4 linguistic artificial intelligence model, which it made available to users of the paid version of the Chatgpt Plus chatbot and Bing Chat users, and the leading AI model developer said that the new version is GPT-4 It provides more accurate, intelligent and creative answers, while providing more secure and realistic responses, in addition to the ability to analyze images, understand their content and process much longer texts compared to the previous version.

What is GPT-4 ?

GPT-4 GPT 4 is the new version of the linguistic artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI, on which the ChatGPT chatbot is based, which has achieved tremendous popularity since the beginning of this year 2023, and revolutionized applications based on AI technologies, and as we work The free version of GPT Chat Based on the GPT 3.5 language model, the new version that is now available to GPT Plus subscribers offers much greater capabilities, with the ability to analyze images and respond to associated questions.

What are the features and capabilities of the new GPT-4 AI model ?

These are the new features that OpenAI said the new GPT-4 artificial intelligence model provides to users :

Greater ability to accurately solve complex questions
OpenAI said the new GPT-4 GPT4 model on which the GPT Chat bot (paid version) is based is able to understand difficult questions, while providing more accurate responses, thanks to broader general knowledge and broader capabilities in understanding questions.

  • More creative GPT-4 model
    OpenAI also said that the new GPT-4 artificial intelligence model GPT 4 is more creative compared to the previous version GPT 3.5 on which the free version is based, as it can create and edit texts requested by users whether in creative or technical writing, such as songwriting or screenwriting. Or learn user writing style and write texts in the same style.
  • Able to understand and analyze images
    With the new GPT-4 artificial intelligence model, users can enter images and inquire about their content, as it can understand the content of the image, understand it, analyze it, and write captions for it, which is a major development compared to the previous version, so that, for example, it can take a picture of ingredients such as flour, eggs and butter And request recipes from gpt chat based on these ingredients.
  • Long content creation and document analysis
    While the current free version of GPT Chat can process up to 3,000 words, the new GPT-4 model can process more than 25,000 words, allowing for longer content creation and richer conversations, with the ability to search, analyze and summarize documents, so that, for example, Request to convert a long document into a presentation and more.
  • Greater superiority in public tests compared to Chatgpt:
    OpenAI confirmed that improvements in GPT-4 are evident in the system or model outperforming a number of public exams, including the Uniform Bar Exam, the SAT Math test, biology and history exams, and more.

Safer and more realistic responses
OpenAI says that it took 6 months to ensure that the new GPT4 artificial intelligence model is safer, as it is 82 percent less likely to respond to unauthorized questions than GPT Chat, and is able to provide 40 percent more realistic responses than GPT. GPT-3.5, thanks to the response from suggestions and comments from GPT Chat users and collaboration with 50 experts in areas including AI security.

When is GPT-4 available? How can it be accessed? :
The new version of the OpenAI language model for artificial intelligence is now available to users of the paid version of Chatgpt called Chatgpt Plus, which costs subscribers $ 20 per month. Microsoft also said that it has updated the new search experience in Bing Chat to support GPT 4. With its features customized to suit online search, the new version is also available to developers through an API to develop special applications based on it.

  • What are the main uses of GPT-4 GPT 4? How do you benefit from it? :
    The new GPT-4 linguistic artificial intelligence model provides endless cases of useful uses that can facilitate users’ lives, whether in study, work, etc. Here is a set of examples of how to take advantage of GPT-4:
  • Analyzing images of food ingredients and displaying suggested cooking recipes: Depending on the capabilities of GPT-4 in image analysis, the user can take a picture of his food ingredients, request cooking suggestions, display cooking steps, or even ask about calories.
    Developing simple games: A user on Twitter presented his successful experience in developing a table tennis game without any prior experience based on GPT4, by requesting the development of the game and suggesting the best techniques for its development.
  • Create a lawsuit: GPT4, which OpenAI said passed the US bar test, can be relied upon to create a lawsuit, as one user on Twitter offered to use Chatgpt Plus to create a 1000-word lawsuit to sue the parties behind the words The annoying mechanism.
  • Practice passing exams: Given that he passed most general exams with distinction, including professional ones such as those that measure proficiency in mathematics, biology, history, etc., GPT-4 can be relied upon to train to pass these exams.
  • Converting Graphics to Websites: Users can also try the ability to convert a handwritten paper chart into a working website, all they have to do is send an image of the chart and request it from GPT4.