Taxi Booking App like UBER

Taxi Booking App like UBER

This is not a component nor a template . This app is a complete clone of UBER and a full fledgeTAXI Booking script designed with latest technologies and we openly challenge “That as on date this is the WORLDS BEST TAXI SCRIPT available so far in marketplace and is exclusively available only on codecaynon” .

Demo :

In this package you get your own white-labeled Uber App Clone launched in just 48 hours in language & currency of your choice. This package includes Uber Clone App Package for Taxi Business includes Source Code & Free Installation of Android Apps, iOS / iPhone Apps(Purchased Seperatly) with Backend CMS & Dispatcher panel. 

Voila Cabs! add-on features for better user experience.
Google api integration for autocomplete.Plotting of places to google map with distance and minutes calculation between routes.
One step and easy booking process.Support different rates for day and night.
Option to set cab types with rates from backend CMS.Stylish animation between views with Facebook style slide menu.
Display all booking with scroll to load and clean UI.Filters to sort booking’s on the basis of completed, pending booking etc.. Available on both User and Driver App.
Enable Auto refresh when driver accept job on driver arrival, journey begin , journey completed / dropped etc.Support Push messages for all the status as well.
Option to Cancel the Job for User till driver don’t begin Trip and option for Driver to cancel job any time.Rate card screen with option to view all Taxi’s day and night rates.
User can rate driver after completion of Ride , ALSO driver can rate user as well.Support localisation and Internationalisations .
Support RTL Languages.Share ETA to Facebook and Twitter .

What makes Voila Cabs Unique is a Beautiful set of plugins which which will really add value to this product and make it cost effective.

  • SMS Plugin : For startup taxi companies or semi start up companies who is getting roughly about 200~500 Bookings per day can use this gateway to avoid getting charged from Twillio or other players for sending SMS . All they need to do is just buy any local sim card and insert into android phone and in the same phone we will install our gateway app and after getting few settings done your phone will act as sms gateway and all notification SMS to users and driver will go from there.
  • Call Recorder : For taxi companies who accept booking over the phone , they should install this plugins on their android phone and all incoming voice calls from SIM will be recorded and this recording will be send to amazon S3 for dispatcher to transcript the jobs if they sitting remotely or for reference purposes as well .

What makes this app Scalable and Cost efficient to bring down recurring cost ?

  • Coded with 3 Database Node-Mongo , Php-Mysql and Firebase . Hence the load can be shared between 3 server’s and hence we can make distributed architure with the app .
  • No 3rd Party SDK used for Tracking- We have implemented Customised algorithm like Kalman Filter’s, Gyro Api’s etc to track of driver’s car in exact fashion like Uber . We have done a very minimal usage of server’s bandwidth and hence keep the server GPU and Bandwidth cycle low .
  • Very nominal use of Google api – Google api are used only in Autocomplete and Map load’s .
  • We are flexible to integrate with custom SMS Player’s like Firebase , Twillio or even if you have any SIM card which has free unlimited SMS we can integrate with the same in the same price ,this is what makes us unique .

Why is this expensive ?

  • What you buying is not a template its a full fledge app which is 100% ready to use and with this we install every thing , customize to match your logo and style , post 1 month installation support.
  • Free future update’s – Our dedicated team has spend 1.5 years developing this product , and we still continuing the same hence giving you free updates life long.
  • We don’t use any 3rd Party Tracking SDK’s or any 3rd party component which add hidden monthly recurring cost to the app . The only recurring cost is for sending OTP when new user register , Hosting server cost , Firebase server cost which is free for 100 concurrent users and only 25 USD upto 1,00,000 concurrent users . Other then this there is no recurring cost.
  • We have used Google api and map load request which is free upto 2500 request a day . You have to contact google for pricing
  • Code is build from the scratch and currently tested on Latest Android OS , Latest iOS include iPhone X & 8 support as well.