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Online Movie And Series Script

Online Movie And Series Script

imau WordPress movie template
The first Arabic template to use APIs to import information directly from the IMDb site and store it with the cache system to speed up the process of reading information … Strength in archiving as it is built using Structured data to show the evaluation of IMDb and the number of reviews in the search engine, and the speed in the first pages of google without without Little trouble. This is only a rudimentary version that can be further developed than it is.

You can use the template
In the work of online views of anime or movies
Or a video site
Features of the board template
WordPress control is easy to use
Full site control gives you control
In the site settings, control the closing of the site or opening the site
Run the site using cache
Control of social networking sites
Control the management of groups
And the work of special powers for each group
Control the addition of supervisors or managers
Control the management of articles
Control of departmental management
Control the management of lists
Manage notifications on videos
Control alerts for management
Posting articles to social networking sites
Vote on videos for visitors
The SEO technology makes the script strongly archive in global search engines

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