Laravel Spark v2.6.6 Paddle v2.1.14

Laravel Spark v2.6.6 Paddle v2.1.14

Laravel Spark is the complete recurring billing solution for Laravel. A starter-kit for your next great SaaS application.


All the features you need to build your Laravel dream business.

Spark gives you everything you need to launch your business and start charging customers on a recurring basis.


Spark allows you to define monthly and yearly subscription plans in a simple configuration file. Once your plans have been defined, customers can subscribe them via Spark’s customer billing portal.


Allow your customers to download PDF copies of their invoices. Your customers will even receive an email with their monthly or yearly invoices. One more thing you don’t have to worry about.

PayPal Support

Spark now offers support for Paddle as a payment provider, allowing you to accept PayPal payments from your customers.

Per Seat Billing

Spark allows you to bill your customers “per seat”. So, you might choose to bill your users for every team member they collaborate with, or for every project they create. Spark can handle it.

Frontend Freedom

Spark’s new customer billing portal is isolated from the rest of your frontend stack and includes its own CSS and JavaScript files. That means you’re free to build your application using the frontend technology of your choice.

Easy Upgrades

Since your customers interact with Spark through Spark’s isolated customer billing portal, it’s a cinch to upgrade Spark as we release new updates. Spark doesn’t interfere with your application’s code.