How to Bulid your business online

How to Bulid your business online

How to Bulid your business online
How to Bulid your business online

If you have a business on the ground, the best decision you may make at the moment is to move your business to the Internet, it does not cost you much, and at the same time it works to amplify your ability to sell more and more. But the biggest challenge you will face while moving your business to the Internet is to create a strong presence that resonates with the audience that guarantees an increase in sales and profits.

You have undoubtedly seen some businesses fail in their online journey, but the reason this happens is due to a lack of proper planning. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the importance of moving your business to the Internet, and then we will talk about how to do it step by step.

Why should you take your business online?
In our current era, your presence on the Internet is no longer a luxury or a competitive advantage, but a necessity imposed on you by the market and competitors, and a sentence such as (The Internet is designed specifically for business) has become a frequent occurrence, and it is correct by the way, because of ..

1 - Change in customer behavior
Over the past decade, there has been a fundamental shift in customer behavior during the buying process, with customers today preferring to shop and buy while sipping a cup of coffee at home, rather than spending hours jogging between stores.

In research conducted by statista, it was found that 76% of customers shop at least once a month, a very large percentage that reflects the development that has imposed itself on the market.

So ... as a seller, you have to synchronize the changes that happen, being in the place where your customers are, and if you see your customers evolve, you should too.

2 - Expansion
No matter how good your business is and branched out on the ground, there is a greater opportunity to sell, there are places you have not reached yet, there is a potential customer just one click away from you that you can win if you have an online presence.

At the same time, there is no better way than the Internet to reach your products everywhere in the world without the need to open new branches or be present in those places yourself.

3 - Increase confidence in your business
If you do not have a strong online presence do not expect customers to take you seriously, you will lose a lot of business to your competitors who have a strong online presence. Without a website, blog, or even social media presence, customers will start to wonder how serious you are at work! Customers see that any successful business in the world now has a strong presence on the Internet, so where are you from that?

The upshot of all this is that if you own a business, you must immediately start taking concrete steps to move your business online.

The most important question here is (How?)

How to move your business to the Internet?
Proper planning is the basis of success, so we offer you 7 direct and integrated steps to transfer your business to the Internet, and we will cover each step in detail.

1 - Buy a suitable domain name
It is the first step to giving your business a place on the Internet, the domain name is your address on the Internet and it is what the visitor will see after www. For example, if your business has the name "example" then your ideal domain is

Surely you are now wondering, is domain name expensive? The answer is no, a domain name usually requires around $ 10 or $ 15 per year. Once you settle on the domain name, changing it will be difficult, and therefore you must choose it carefully, do not put numbers or symbols in it, and make it include the name of your business and what you do, and most importantly, make it simple and easy to memorize.

2- Buy hosting
And hosting is the server in which all your site data is stored, so any website on the Internet has two things: a domain name and hosting. And hosting can be a little expensive, so you can resort to a shared web host with another site, or free hosting provided by some companies in exchange for displaying ads on your site.

All in all, consider some of the factors a perfect online store host should have such as:

 High protection
  Strong database
 high performance
Simple user interface
Once you purchase the hosting, you now have a physical presence on the Internet.

Time to build your online store.

3 - Create a website
It is the most important step in moving your business online, and since it will be the direct digital representation of your business, you need to be attentive and confident with every step as you set it up. Surely you are wondering, is it complicated? The answer is "no."

There are a lot of options in front of you as:

You can do this yourself with open source websites that allow you to create your own website like WordPress.
Or rely on an experienced professional programmer to create a website for you from scratch that suits your business.
And for programmers, they are abundantly present on Arab freelance sites, such as Independent and Five, through which you can search for the best programmers who specialize in creating your online store without any effort from you. In order to have a perfect store that reflects your professionalism at work, you should keep these pointers in mind.

The design of the store should be simple and not contain much distraction.
Provide easy navigation for your visitors between the pages of your store so they understand where and how to go.
Use high-quality content, it is the only way to showcase your business and convince clients.
Add customer reviews to your business, it helps people to trust you and your business.
Classify your products under the appropriate main and subcategories.
Don't forget to include a search bar to make it easy for customers to find what they want.
Make sure the site is well configured for mobile appearance.
Keep pricing transparent and honestly mention all costs for the product.
Paying attention to these points not only represents a successful transition for your business to the Internet, but also guarantees you a strong and effective presence on the Internet in general. Now ... that we're done with this step, you and your business are now online, so it's time to climb to the top level to make your online presence perfect.

4 - Payment methods
After you have acquired a business on the Internet, you should realize that there are 3 important elements to making the sale:

The image of the product or service.
Description of the product or service.
payment process.
Often business owners focus on the image and description but neglect payment methods. Although it's the most important thing you work towards, you do all of it to get the money, so you should make it the easiest thing in the whole browsing and buying process.

Surely you are wondering now ..

How to choose a suitable payment system?
Here, we can say that those three factors must be present in the payment system that you will choose, as it must provide:

Process customer transactions quickly with the issuance of the appropriate receipt.
Accepting payments via multiple means.
Update your account and inventory numbers after every transaction.
As a business owner, it is your responsibility to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the appropriate payment methods for your target audience, and most importantly, to provide all possible means of payment, so that you do not miss a single customer. You can complete this step by creating a dedicated bank account and entering into a contract with the bank so that you can set up a secure payment gateway and accept credit card payments easily and smoothly. Also, there are many payment gateways that act as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer in electronic stores, such as:

Paypal Paypal
Moyasar Moyasar
One Global
There are many other payment methods, but the important thing is to work through a reputable payment gateway to build trust with customers, and to make the payment process simple, and most important of all is not to add hidden costs or taxes while paying, that behavior causes customers to flee from you.

5 - Shipping methods
Customers hate waiting, once they pay, they become more urgent to get the product in their hands as quickly as possible and in order to become a successful online business owner, you must have perfect shipping and delivery services, this step that can never be risked. You should also remember that customers are often willing to pay more for faster delivery.

6 - Add attractive content to your site
In the Internet market, your content is what makes you sell, it is not only a description of the product or service, but this includes articles, videos and pictures that benefit customers and persuade them to make the purchase. So .. Put your target audience in front of your eyes and provide him with simple and easy content that communicates with his ideas, provides him with solutions and affects his life, this will help you to attract new customers and increase the confidence of existing customers in you as an expert in your field.

And don't forget the keywords related to your business to optimize your site for search engines.

7 - Marketing and SEO
Your online store should get a buzz at first, which lets all of your existing customers know that they can purchase your products or services online, and that's easy. New clients online also need to know that there is a new player in the business.

These are the initial goals that you should set before you in the beginning. As for how to achieve it, the matter lies in appropriate marketing and search engine optimization, through which you can only reach thousands of clients interested in your field.

And that by doing these steps:

Analysis of competitors, customers, and current market situation.
Building a strong and continuous presence on social media.
Interest in the site's SEO.
Try paid ads on social media.
Try out different Google ads.
It is certain that after taking these steps, you will get the desired results in the prosperity of your new online business. With that, we have finished listing all the steps that you can take in detail to successfully transfer your business to the Internet.

Good preparation for the transition
If you are a business owner on the ground only, you cannot be behind your competitors yet, take a look at the current state of the market, and find out to what extent the move to the Internet will help you to get more customers and profits. Most importantly, planning will help you do the job successfully without getting distracted or failing. So ... prepare for those steps we explained, and start your online business journey.