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Faucetbox Script Earn From Cryptocurrency

Faucetbox Script Earn From Cryptocurrency

Faucetbox is micropayment website which pays bitcoins in tiny amounts e..g. payments in satoshi.Faucetbox has it’s own faucet script . This script is mostly used by faucet owners . Almost 95% faucets are created using this script


  1. Easy to install – Installation does not take more then five minutes .
  2. As I said above almost 95% faucets are created using this script. That means It has very large userbase and more users means more traffic , More then 1000 ative faucets and daily 4-5 faucets are created using faucetinabox script .
  3.  If you create faucet using this script your faucet will be added in Faucetbox official faucet list which will drive traffic to your faucet page , as I said this script has huge userbase so it’s official faucet list will drive more traffic to your site .
  4. The Owner of the Faucetbox always trying to add new features. He updates this script time to time .Mostly he tries to add features which protects faucet from bot attacks .
  5. Multiple captcha support – you can easily chose which captcha you want to use e.g. Funcaptcha , G-recaptcha , Solvemedia etc.
  6. Customizable themes – You can make your faucet design unique . If you have programming skills you can design your faucet unique . If you don’t have programming skills then you can always hire a programmer to design and I don’t think it’ll cost you much .
  7. This script supports multiple coins e.g. Bitcoin , Dogecoin , Litecoin , Dash coin etc. It means apart from bitcoin faucet you can create multicoin faucet site .