ebay product selling guide for beginners 2021

ebay product selling guide for beginners 2021

ebay product selling guide for beginners 2021
ebay product selling guide for beginners 2021

The ebay company is one of the largest companies working in the field of e-commerce over the Internet. It has more than 171 million active users since the beginning of 2018.

In 2017, ebay generated $ 9.7 billion in annual revenue.

With this kind of impact - be it financial or social - ebay is the site that has been preferred by many online sellers over the past decade.

However, just because ebay has been around for a while doesn't necessarily mean that everyone is aware of it, how it works, or how it is used.

If you are new to ebay and want to start your own small business or make some extra money through it, Almual.com is here to help you with this guide on how to sell on ebay.

What should you do before you start selling on eBay?
It would be a mistake to start selling on eBay before spending some time researching all the information available on the site.

Without knowing the selling rules or what the seller fees are on ebay, you may find yourself losing money on this site.

You may list a prohibited product, or you may find yourself choosing the wrong payment system and the total cost is too much.

Here are six points that you must keep in mind before starting to display your products on this site:

1- Rules of sale
Contrary to popular belief, ebay is not the “Wild or Wild West” of e-commerce. There are some rules that you must abide by if you want your business to be successful on this site.

And part of learning how to sell on ebay (and how to be good at it) is learning the rules and making sure you can follow them before embarking on your selling journey.

This will serve as a certification of guarantee for both ebay and potential buyers as they will find you a professional and trustworthy person, which will definitely help you in the long run.

2- Prohibited Products
There are some products that cannot be sold on eBay, such as:

Prizes that include (sweepstakes and random raffles).

Firearms and other weapons.

• Offensive material (pornographic or racially / racially offensive material).

• Illegal services.

You can check the full list here: https://www.ebay.com/help/policies/prohibit-restricted-item

3- Description of products
EBay removes or hides “illegal product listings” from the search pages, as these lists use harmful tactics such as the use of lots of random keywords that have no connection to the product.

Until their product appears in the first results on the search pages, this is called "dark SEO" and these tactics are not good or useful anymore.

In fact, both ebay and Google are more geared towards product descriptions that users find attractive and useful.

All you have to do is make your lists rich in information and accurate, and you will see the benefits and advantages of these steps very soon.

4- Selling fees
Lots of people want to know how to sell on ebay without paying any fees, and the answer very briefly is that you can't.

EBay mainly profits from the small fees that the site demands from the sellers.

How much you pay depends on several factors, such as whether you are a private seller or a business seller, the number of products you list per month and the amount of products you sell.

There are a number of fees that you must understand before starting the selling process.

One thing worth noting is that the fees you will pay will vary depending on the type of ebay account you have signed up with, whether it is a private or a business account.

5- Private and commercial accounts
Private accounts and merchant accounts are the two basic types of accounts that you can have when selling on ebay. If you do not subscribe to a business account with eBay, you will automatically be considered a private seller.

You must register as a commercial seller or as a company if you:

• Sells the products you have bought to resell them (at a higher price).

• Sell the products that you have produced yourself on the site.

• It sells a lot of different merchandise on a regular basis.

• Sell new products that you have purchased but have not used.

• You will purchase products for your business or company.

Here are some of the main differences between a private seller and a business seller. Take a look to see which of the two will fit your needs in the eBay selling process.

Private seller business seller
The first 20 product listings per month are free. By paying subscription, you will get unlimited product listings at fixed prices
You will only pay the final value fee if your product is sold. The percentage of VAT is provided on the Item Sale form
Paying no more than $ 60 on final value fees allows you to view contact details, return policies and terms and conditions in your product listings.
You can either register as a private or commercial seller when you first set up an ebay account, which we'll cover in detail next.

6- Create your account
You will need an account if you want to sell anything on ebay luckily this is very easy to do. Just follow these steps:

1- Go to the account creation page on the ebay website through the following link https://reg.ebay.com/reg/PartialReg?ru=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2F

2- Enter the required details such as (your email address, password, name and phone number).

3- Select how to pay your seller fees.

4- Create a profile for yourself or your business.

5- Select the payment methods that you will deal with the buyers.

Once you've done all of that, you'll be ready to publish your first product!

Publish your first product on ebay
After you've completed your first step and figured out how to make eBay, you are now ready to create your own product listings and make some money! Displaying products and getting sales are not the same thing.

There are a few things you should know about how to optimize your product listing for your current market.

To ensure that people who want your products already see the listings and descriptions of the products and have all the information they need to make a purchase, these things are as follows:

1- Market Research
Now that you are an ebay seller it's time to do some market research.

You can start browsing products similar to the ones you want to sell on eBay and compile a list of those products and compare them with yours.

This will give you a good idea of ​​how much to list for your product.

Here's what you need to look for:

• Current Price - Look for product prices that are similar to yours on eBay as well as other shopping sites such as Amazon to see what kind of price the buyer expects to pay.

• Abundance - Determine how easy it is to purchase the item you want to sell online.

If your product is not widely available, this means that there is little competition in your field and thus this will allow you to ask for a little more price, assuming that your item is in good condition.

On the contrary, if the products you want to sell are easy to find, this means more competition, and therefore you will have to set a low and attractive price in order to be able to sell your products.

• Excellence - is there anything that your products can offer to others that no other seller has?

• What People Want to Know - Find the questions people ask about your product and answer them in your product description.

2- Create your product list
The first thing you need to do is go to the eBay website, log in, and click on the "Sell" icon in the top-right corner.

After that, you will be required to enter the address of the product that you are selling. Write the title of your product in a way that is as customized and specific as possible here.

Include things like your brand name, product color, year of production, and product status (good, acceptable, or bad) in the title.

When the product title is written in a specific way, eBay can better classify your products so that buyers looking for the quality of your products can see them when they are listed on the site.

Once you add the product title, eBay will suggest adding the Category for your product.

Note: If you sell a product which is listed frequently on the site, ebay will suggest a number of similar items for you to choose from.

If you wish, you can select a product similar to the quality of your site and click “Sell one like this” to inform eBay that you want your product to be labeled the same way.

Once you have selected the product category, click "Sell Product". After that, a page will appear for you to enter your details, which looks like this:

There are several subsections that include:

• Title - This should be the same as the address you entered earlier, but if you want to change anything, you may want to add some details or notice a spelling mistake, now is your chance.

• Product Status - You need to select the status of your product.

Bear in mind that you have to be upfront here, because people who want to buy a "new" product and are sold a "used" product will not leave positive reviews or feedback about your product.

In addition, this will help you attract the attention of those who want your product as it is.

• Your product images - You can download up to 12 images of your product for free, so you have to use this feature very professionally.

Try to show the product to buyers from every angle so that they feel they know everything about the product even before you buy it.

This is also your chance to show users any small signs, blemishes or damage described in your product description, so that they do not get any surprises after purchasing your product.

• Product specifications - these specifications depend on the category in which your product is located.

Although product specifications are optional, we strongly recommend that you complete as many of them as possible to ensure that all the information a buyer needs is really included in your listing.

• Additional Details - Choose some words or phrases and include them in the product details.

If you are a good writer, this is your time to shine. If not, try to keep the details as simple as possible while choosing a few short sentences.

The point here is that you should try to use this space to cover anything that might be missed in the product specifications.

Finally, you will need to choose the format and format for your product listing.

Note that Bids auctions are often better for rare products, such as limited edition or rare items that are difficult to find anywhere.

If you are selling many products that are not limited in issue or rare enough for auction, you can list them as being sold at a "fixed price".

This is the appropriate choice for companies or individuals who sell a lot of products, as this choice will generate better revenues for you.

3- Payment and shipping options
The next thing you need to do is tell eBay what payment options you will use to receive money from buyers, and how you intend to send the product to them.

• Shipping options

EBay provides you with the option to ship automatically (the type of shipping company depends on your country), but you can save some money by choosing "Change delivery service (shipping company)".

Then choose "other express mail" and if you select this option, you can change the shipping company to another famous company such as DHL.

• Payment options

Finally, you will be able to select the payment method. The options presented to you are:

PayPal - This is the broad option that most Arab and non-Arab merchants use (the other option is payment on receipt, but this option is impractical and illogical for Arab traders, as most Arab merchants live in Arab countries and not in America or Europe).

Although there are simple graphics for using PayPal, accepting payments via PayPal makes life easier for the seller and buyer while reducing the risk factor and fraud thanks to PayPal's aggressive security programs.

Don't worry, the increase in sales will likely compensate for the small fees you paid.

After making the sale on ebay
Now that you know how to sell on ebay and have listed your product, it is time to wait for your first sale which will only take a little while.

Now that you've completed your first sale, you'll need to have your product delivered to the buyer.

Below, we have covered all the things that you need to ensure a successful process for you and your buyer.

- Communicate with your buyer
Not all sales on ebay are going as smoothly as you would like. Every now and then, a problem might arise, whether it was a technical problem with payments or a buyer backfiring at the last minute.

To contact your buyer, you need to:

1- Click the "Advanced Options" link at the top of the ebay homepage.

2- Next, on the left side of the page, click "Find Contact Information"

3- Follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

However, contacting your buyer is helpful in reassuring them that you are indeed a real person and that you are a helpful and kind person.

It is very likely that they will buy back from you or suggest your products to their relatives and friends.

- Deliver your product
Before sending your item, make sure the buyer has really paid for it. Check that their PayPal account is accepted and that the full amount has been added to your account.

You will receive an email to notify you if the buyer has completed and paid for your product order.

When you are shipping your product by Express or DHL, there are some steps you must take to ensure the delivery is as smooth as possible.

First: Pack your product professionally.

Keep in mind that products that are fragile or prone to breakage will need to be packed slightly differently than products that are tough and rigid.

The same goes for large products versus small products.

Second: Select the appropriate service for the product that you will send and match it to the conditions that you previously specified in your list, such as (delivery speed, delivery method, or cost, for example).

Third: Make a reservation and pay the shipping price, then send the product to the courier company, or the courier company will send a representative to receive the product from you (all this depends on your country).

Finally, wait for the customer (the buyer) to receive your product, then evaluate it.

In the end, whether you just want to raise some money for a vacation in one of the countries or you want to start in the field of e-commerce.

Learning how to sell on eBay is one of the important and necessary steps for success in e-commerce for people or companies.

Now that you know how to sell on eBay, tell us in the comments the reasons why you should consider selling on this site.

What are the services that you found useful on this site that can benefit or improve the shopping experience in Arab commercial sites?