Earn online by freelancing

Earn online by freelancing

Earn online by freelancing
Earn online by freelancing

Printing for profit from these companies, you will play the role of a service provider, if you are proficient in any of the following tasks: writing, design, programming, translation, drawing, preparing introductions, reviews, video editing, photography, or you have any other skill that others need, you can profit from these companies.

Steps to work and profit from freelance platforms
1- Learn or develop any skill you have

It is worth noting that freelance platforms cover almost every field you can imagine, so anyone with a little skill in almost anything can profit from these platforms.

2- Sign up for a freelance platform

There are many of these platforms, including Arabic and foreign ones, and you will also find some of them specialized in a specific field, and others are general and include many fields (a list of these platforms will be included shortly).

3- Provide your services and start reaping your profits

Always try to provide something of high value, and always strive to hone and develop your skills in the field in which you intend to work, I always work to win the satisfaction of every customer who requests your service.

4- Browse the services provided by others

After subscribing or even before subscribing, you can browse the services offered by others, learn the secret of the success of the best-selling services, and then develop yourself to raise your ability to compete.

The most important freelance platforms
1- Fiverr

It is the most important, most famous and most successful freelance platform on the Internet. Its idea is based on being a market for small services whose price starts from $ 5, but of course it is possible to provide services with very large amounts of money that may reach thousands of dollars.

2- Freelancer

The largest global platform in the field of self-employment, through which you can get a job from home, by carrying out long-term tasks and projects for business owners.

3- Microworkers

A great platform to carry out very small tasks, you can subscribe to it, search for what business owners require, and carry out tasks for a very profitable fee.

Business owners display jobs or small tasks, their details and the price they are willing to pay in return. You browse hundreds of tasks that have not yet been completed, and once you find the right one for you, you press a button to start implementing.

4- Upwork

Another great platform for doing tasks of all kinds and sizes, but it is popular in the areas of writing, marketing and making smartphone apps.

5- Etsy

Etsy is primarily a platform for selling handmade products, which have a creative touch, but it's also a great marketplace for selling printable designs.

If you have design skills, and you can make creative, hand-printed designs, then this platform is your best way to profit from the Internet.

6- One Hour Translation

Just as writing is an art, translation is also an art. If you have advanced and professional skills in translation, you should use the One Hour Translation platform.

This platform specializes in providing professional translation services, you will apply strict criteria with you when you are accepted, but the translation there has another price.

7- Shutterstock

The most famous platform in the world in the image trade, you can register with them and start selling your photos that you have photographed yourself, so this platform is only suitable for photographers, especially professionals who want to profit from the Internet through photography.

8- Fives

An Arab platform specializing in small services, whose price starts at $ 5 as well, and its idea is taken from the idea of ​​Fiverr.