Earn from the Internet through Instagram

Earn from the Internet through Instagram

Earn from the Internet through Instagram
Earn from the Internet through Instagram

Instagram is one of the excellent platforms to make money from the internet but in indirect ways. It is known that Instagram does not give money to account holders even if their followers are in the millions.

But of course, whoever has an account with a good number of followers has many and multiple ways to earn from Instagram, and the idea is simply to exploit followers to generate profits in ways that include third methods such as:

A company that wants to promote its products.
Affiliate Marketing Company.
Send visitors to a blog with Adsense ads.
Steps to earning from Instagram
Choose an area you specialize in (we recommend choosing one that you have knowledge and passion for).
Create a professional Instagram account.
Start posting useful posts and attract followers.
Keep posting more useful posts.
Choose one of the ways to earn from Instagram.
Start making profits.

** How to earn from Instagram (hands-on explanation of 8 different ways):

Earning from Instagram has always been a mystery to many, can I sit in my house, and have my own business constantly generating money just using Instagram?

The long hours spent on Instagram can be a good source of income for you, as you can spend time doing what you love, and at the same time you get money.

In this article you will find all the possible strategies to earn from Instagram - or Instagram if you prefer - with practical examples, as well as tools and resources that will help you with each strategy until you achieve what you want.

Earn from Instagram with affiliate offers
Affiliate marketing is one of the most important and profitable types of marketing, but many people may not know it in its popular concept of “affiliate marketing”.

Imagine when your friend asks you what shirt or dress you are wearing, and you take your boyfriend/girlfriend to the clothing store you buy from, then that person buys the same product, and then the clothing store owner gives you a commission for bringing the customer to him.

In short, this is affiliate marketing, you promote the offers or products of some company, and when anyone buys through your link, you get a commission.

How do you make money with affiliate marketing?
You may ask yourself this question, How can I get anyone to buy through my link, it simply provides the benefit and the benefit.

Didn't you personally, dear reader, watch some phone review videos to decide what to buy, didn't you, dear reader, follow one of the beauty recipes expert on Instagram to find a cure for your skin problem, for example.

That person you trust, if he tells you that this phone is great, or that this product or cream is really good, what are the chances that you will believe him? In short, this is the meaning of effect, the number of products or services you have purchased because someone else you trust has suggested them to you.

Provide advice and benefit to your followers in your field, and provide them with valuable information about products or services that benefit them with your links, and thus provide them with interest as well as they.

How do you get affiliate marketing offers on Instagram?
This is also a question that may come to your mind, and it also depends on the audience you are targeting, is it an Arab or a foreign audience, but I will answer the question whatever the audience you are targeting or the field you are targeting. will specialize.

There are many affiliate programs, and there are also specialized platforms that gather a lot of offers and products in one place in the so-called affiliate network, so choosing offers becomes very easy for you.

The following software and platforms are the most important of all:

1- Amazon Affiliate Program: A very powerful program, where you will find in Amazon everything you can imagine and suitable for any audience and country in the world ... as they say you will find it there from the needle to the rocket.

For more information about ways to profit from Amazon, refer to the previous article.

2- Affiliate Marketing Market Program: By the way, a market affiliated with Amazon, and it is one of the most famous Arab stores that many people rely on.

Although there has been some news recently about some problems with this program, it is still one of the most important affiliate marketing programs in the Arab world, and these problems may have been resolved when reading this article, especially since it is under the management of the Amazon giant now.

3- Jumia Affiliate Program: Jumia has also become a reputable and trusted store, and it has an excellent affiliate system.

4- Click Bank: These are the most important platforms that enable you to start affiliate marketing easily, as they provide many products in many areas, which you can start promoting.

5- Marketing programs for any service you use: There are many companies that run their own affiliate programs, so think about which product or service you use or are important to your audience, and see if they have an affiliate program.

There are many Arab and international commission marketing platforms and programs that I did not mention so that the article would not be long.

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