If you are trying to start selling on the Internet through your own online store, but you do not own any products, and you also do not have the experience or financial capacity to buy and store products. And it also wants to get away from the difficulties of shipping and delivery to customers. Is there a way to achieve this? Is there a way that enables you to build your store and add thousands of products to it and ship them directly to the customer without any interference from you? The answer is: Yes, there is this method, and it has been used for several years all over the world, and some have made huge profits through this method. This method is called drop shipping.

What is drop shipping
Trackship is that you display products on your online store (your site) from other sites or suppliers after adding a satisfactory profit margin for you, and then after someone falsely purchases your store to buy any of these products, you make a purchase order for this product from the supplier’s website, but You set the shipping address to be the same as the address of the customer who bought from your store, and by this, this site (the supplier) will ship the product directly to the customer and you keep the price difference (profit margin) and by this you can focus only on good marketing for your store without entering into any Difficulties that may exist in matters of shipping and delivery of products without requiring a large capital to start your project.

Usually the site that provides this service (the supplier) is a wholesaler or manufacturer of the product and I searched a lot to find any Arab site that provides this service, and unfortunately, I did not find! But there is no problem, as there are dozens of other sites across the world that provide a route shipping service and ship to all Arab countries, and most of these sites are sites in China.

What is the benefit of using a site that provides a trackship service over other sites?
First: These sites will provide you with a reduced price so that you can make a good profit once you subscribe to the service and many of them offer free subscription to the service

Second: When these sites ship the product directly to your customer, the shipment does not include any information about the supplier’s site, such as the supplier’s website logo or the supplier’s name or anything else.

Third: Usually the sites providing this service are sites for wholesalers or manufacturers, which guarantees the lowest possible price for the product and also distinguishes the product in many cases.

The best of these sites is aliexpress.com

And these are some other sites in China that provide drop shipping services









How to get started
Search for sites and suppliers that provide the drop shipping service and specify the departments and products that you want to start with
Create your professional online store and add products to your store
Create a good marketing plan and start selling until you achieve your first profit
Continue to follow the results and increase the number of successful products and add more offers
Things you should take care of
Track the supplier's availability of the products on your store on a daily basis if possible or at least on a weekly basis
Make sure to offer special prices and permanent offers to your customers. Use supplier offers such as Clearance, Daily Deals and other offers.
Make sure to provide good products and good service to your customers in order to ensure continuity, God willing
Important advice
When you specify the supplier sites that you want to start working with, make a purchase order on one of the products at the supplier to test the quality of the products and the quality of service yourself before you start to display the products of this supplier
It is better to look for wholesalers and manufacturers in your country and offer them the order by obtaining from them the merchants price list (price list
Wholesale) and you add their products to your store, as you will usually achieve a greater profit margin in this way