CodaJobs Job Portal Full Solution

CodaJobs Job Portal Full Solution

CodaJobs is a complete solution for creating a job portal platform. With a frontend website that is highly seo-optimized to attract Google SERP rankings. A user mobile app that can be used to apply, save jobs, read useful articles, etc. And also a smart Partner App which can be used by companies / organizations, etc. to post and find talents online, and this also includes a subscription system that allows a partner to use premium solutions such as longer job durations for paid packages.


The CodaJobs Admin Panel allows for a comprehensive control of the entire job portal, with essential features such job, job category, post durations, job type, subscription packages management and many more.Four Apps: (Two Mobile Apps, One Web Site and One Comprehensive Admin Panel)

  • Admin Panel – The main control panel for the job portal that allows for full control of the job portal system, you can access and modify jobs, categories, write blog posts, edit web pages(static site), subscription packages, get insights on the activities within the portal along with progress and earnings charts.
  • User App – The user app is built for customers to register for and use the job portal for job applications, saving jobs, reading blog articles and many more.
  • Partner App – The partner app can be used by a partner (job poster) to register for the service and post jobs, with access to premium features for subscribed partners.
  • Website – A de-coupled website that is built on gatsby.js to load at rapid speed, and display articles along with web pages, which can be managed on the admin portal. This website gives you an SEO driven opportunity to boost your portal’s SERP rankings with its high ranking load speed.

Note: Although our mobile apps should work on iOS, they’ve not been tested on the platform yet.

Reasons to Buy

  • CodaJobs is built on multiple cutting edge technologies such as Laravel 9, Gatsby.js, Flutter 3+ and etc. which allow for your job portal to stand out from other outdated services, which cannot keep up with SEO demands.
  • Flutter Null Safety.
  • 4 Versatile and Powerful apps to meet your needs – All our apps have been stress tested and designed to perform perfectly throughout.
  • Post Jobs, Select Candidates, Download Resumes, Save Jobs and do more with an ecstatic mobile platform for your job portal.
  • 100% Responsive mobile design, developed by Beamcoda to deliver your customers a great experience.
  • Apple App Store Policy Compliant – Users and Partners can delete their account to opt out of the service, read more.
  • An Intuitive Admin Panel to manage job posts and deliver great content for your users.
  • Clean code (Our code is written with SOLID Principles in mind and makes use of many other design patterns to maintain clean and readable code).
  • Available at an affordable rate.
  • Custom design splash screens and beautiful icons.
  • Great customer service from BeamCoda. Having trouble with your purchase, reach out to us at (Please mention your user id and purchase code), we’ll be sure to reach back asap.
  • Bespoken design assets that are available within the package, custom designed by the BeamCoda team.
Main Features of CodaJobs Admin Mobile Apps
Web based app features specialities