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Reviewstic Canned Reviews And Ratings Plugin

Reviewstic Canned Reviews And Ratings Plugin

If your new WooCommerce store is perfectly designed, but there isn’t much internet traffic or client feedback, it will appear inactive. If so, you may require a review generator plugin that will enable you to create virtual reviews for WooCommerce stores. Reviewstic – Canned reviews and ratings plugin for WooCommerce was designed to address this concern.

Demo: https://bit.ly/3WLg49D

Reviewstic - Canned reviews and ratings plugin for WooCommerce - 1

The Reviewstic plugin has the facilities where you can add Bulk Reviews, Single reviews and Canned Reviews. It also comes with the Reply option and contains settings allows you to manage reply text on the basis of ratings. You can also add your custom replies in it.

Additionally, this plugin has a tonne of various fascinating things to provide that might increase the exposure of your company or brand.

For more details, please check the Online Documentation of the plugin.

Features of the plugin

1. Add Bulk Reviews (Ratings & Reviews)

  • Set a list of authors that randomly added
  • Set a list of comments
  • Choose ratings
  • Select review date range

2. Canned reviews

  • List of canned review
  • Customizable canned reviews

3. Add Reply automatically

  • Replies are added right after the real and/or virtual reviews are left, simply enable its option
  • Fully control the reply content corresponding to each particular rating.

4. Add single review